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A Distinguished Fellow is a person that is recognized by the peers in their profession for substantial contribution to their profession; a significant and on-going contribution to the Royal Society of Fellows; a frequent publisher of scholarly works in peer review journals or publications; has been recommended by a Distinguished Fellow; and, approved by the Fellow Selection Committee.





Mr. William E. Baugh, Jr.
President, Savannah Technology Group, Savannah, Georgia; Former Assistant Director for Information Technology of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C.; Attorney at Law.


Mr. Alan E. Brill
Managing Director, Kroll Associates, New York, New York.

Dr. Trevor Carmichael


Mr. Thomas Cash
Mr. Cash is Executive Managing Director of the Business Intelligence and Investigations Division at Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company. He also works with the Security Services Group and specializes in international narcotics trafficking matters, as well as money laundering and fraud investigations throughout Latin America.

Mr. Carlos Concepcion

Mr. Eric Crutchley


Mr. Simon Denton
Mr. Simon Denton is the Managing Director of Sovereign Corporate & Fiscal Services Limited, London, UK. He has been involved in offshore tax planning since 1988. Simon is the Chairman of The Offshore Institute, UK Chapter, Vice Chairman of the Royal Society of Fellows, a Member of the Institute of Directors, the Institute of Management.

Dr. Walter Diamond
Economist, Journalist for the Financial Times and Offshore Investment and Author of Six Looseleaf Treatises (Tax Havens of the World, Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs and International Trusts Laws & Analysis) and over fifty books. Dr. Diamond has been an United Nations Tax Treaty and Free Trade Zone Advisor. He is currently a non-resident Professor of Law, LL.M. in International Tax, St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, Florida

Dr. Dorothy Diamond
Well-known author and Journalist (Tax Havens of the World; Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs; International Trusts Laws & Analysis) and over 80 books; Professor, LL.M. International Tax, St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, Florida.

Dr. Fitz-Roy Drayton

Mr. Richard Duke                                                                

Mr. Ross Gaffney

Mr. Phillips G. Gay, Jr.
Dr. Phillips Gay, Jr. is President of the Compliance Advisory Service. He is also currently Senior Vice President of Commercial Bank of Florida in Miami, where he oversees its regulatory compliance and community reinvestment functions. Mr. Gay attended the University of Alabama and Florida State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Management and Business Administration. He is a High Honors graduate of the School for Bank Administration at the University of Wisconsin and the National Graduate School of Compliance at the University of Oklahoma, and has since served on their faculties.

Dr. Thomas A. Gionis
Dr. Dr. Gionis, recently announced by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, as a Fulbright Senior Specialist, also serves as Chairman, American Board of Healthcare Law and Medicine; Research Fellow, Harvard University-Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine; Clinical Professor of Surgery, Western University of Health Sciences, and Editor-in-Chief, Royal Society of Fellows Law Review of the Walter H. and Dorothy B. Diamond International Tax Program.

Mr. Thomas W. Goldman                                       
Over the past 35 years, Thomas W. Goldman has practiced law in Mississippi, Virginia and Florida, and taught law as a professor in Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Virginia. He was named to serve as a Board member of the American Academy of Financial Management and received the Academy's designation as a Master Financial Professional, Certified Wealth Manager, and Financial Analyst Designate. Mr. Goldman is a member of the Mississippi and Virginia Bar Associations, and has been admitted to the U. S. Supreme Court. He practices exclusively in the field of Immigration Law.

Mr. Marshall Langer
Attorney at Law, Of Counsel, Shutts & Bowen, London and Miami; Professor of Law, LL.M. International Tax, St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, Florida; Grenada Trade and Investment Commissioner; Author of Langer on Practical International Tax Planning and Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties.


Mr. James A. Lavorgna                                           
James A. Lavorgna, J.D., LL.M, CFP - Specializing in International Tax, Wealth Management, Estate Planning and Asset Protection Planning, he is CEO of BusinessServices International, Inc., and Forsyth Wealth Management, Inc., a U.S. licensed Registered Investment Adviser. He is Adjunct Professor for the LL.M. Program, International Tax & Offshore Financial Centers, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California.

Mr. Mark Langlois

Mr. Peter J. Loughlin                                           
Senior Partner of Goldman & Loughlin, PLLC, Co-Director of the American Academy of Immigration Lawyers and Professionals, member of the Board of Academic Advisors and Professors of the American Academy of Financial Management. Mr. Loughlin practices exclusively in the field of International Law and Pre-Immigration Tax Planning.

Dr. Peter Maynard


Mr. George S. Mentz
General Counsel and Attorney of American Academy of Financial Management Alliance Academic operations and member of Academic Board of Standards.

Gilbert Morris
Former Professor of Law, George Mason University, Fairfax University, Director of the Landfall Center, The Bahamas and Representative of the Society of Fellows for the Bahamas National Chapter.


Dr. Robert J. Munro

Co-Director, Center for International Financial Crimes Studies, Levin College of Law, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida; Director of Research for North America CIDOEC, Jesus College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

Dr. George L. Salis                                         


Dr. Ishaq Shafiq
Dr. Ishaq Shafiq presently serves as Chief Executive Manager of Quantum III Consultants Group LLC and is an associate member of JurisConsults International Group LLC. A national training firm that has had among its clients Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, TWA (now American Airlines), US Steel Corporation, Granite Steel Corporation, Midwest Steel Corporation, Bethlehem Steel, and LTV Steel Corporation and Casino Queen. He also served as Chief of Staff to the Honorable Mayor Gordon D. Bush of East St. Louis, Illinois and Chief of Staff to the Honorable Mayor Gordon D. Bush as President of National Conference of Black Mayors. In addition, Dr. Shafiq served as East St. Louis's, City Manager. During his tenure as City Manager his most notable accomplishment was the restructuring of the City of East St. Louis's debt from $81 to $22 million; Produced the city's first balanced budget in four decades and liquidated over $2.7 million in preexisting city operating deficits; and attracted over $150 million in new economic development investment.